Bienvenue / Les projets de la baleine

Un cédérom maison anniversaire!

Pour célébrer l'existence des Projets de la baleine

Bienvenue / Les projets de la baleine

Jazzy entre l'art et la vie,
pour célébrer ce 15ième anniversaire des Projets de la baleine :
par commande (Montréal et dans le monde) et Downtown Music Gallery (New-York).

projetsdelabaleine arobase gmail point com/

Critique de Downtown Music Gallery

SYLVIE CHENARD - Les projets de la baliene / Solo 2004 (Jazzy/self-produced) Sylvie is an old friend and an impressive avant guitarist from Montreal with a couple of self-produced cds and a duo release on Ambiances Magnetiques (reviewed here last month). 'Les projets' features 22 pieces for solo electric guitar with effects and samples. On each piece Sylvie takes her trusty guitar and mutates it with a wide variety of sonic mutations - loops, glitches, samples with a few layers of lines at times. She also puts her mysterious voice through some distant devices, using it like another sonic spice. Each piece evokes a different mood, often somber and occasionally spaced out. Some of the glitches she uses sound like there is something wrong with my cd player, repeating and warping certain fragments, the machines we depend on breaking down and frustrating us. Snippets of sustained toned guitar solos float in the mix and/or emerge from the enticing and hypnotic looped sections. Sometimes mesmerizing, sometimes a bit unnerving. Some of this sounds more like bizarre electronic and layered samples mixed into a strange brew. Slim case CD for $10 DMG - NEWSLETTER - JUNE 25th, 2004

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